Izzy, the wonder dog

This is Izzy. She;s the most easy going, sweet, obedient 2 year old I've ever met. Spending an hour with her made me really miss having a dog. I fell in love with her.  Although I don't miss all that hair ONE BIT. 

 I photographed baby Winston with Izzy today (even though she weighs nearly 150 lbs and has paws as large as Winston's head, she was super careful around him).  I wanted to photograph the largest dog possible sitting next to Winston - illustrating the crazy scale difference. This is my favorite shot of the two of them.

Izzy is an American Mastiff. And a sweetheart. And I am pretty sure I want to steal her.

Look how regal.
Would you even THINK about messing with her. No way. (although if you have cheese or chicken nuggets, she will do WHATEVER you ask her to. it is amazing).