cars, guitars and drool.

My boy Winston is sitting up, eating "solid" food, growing fingernails long enough to cut every other day, and becoming even more amazing (every single day). I am in love - with his straight spiked hair, long fingers, chubby toes, neck rolls, leg rolls and sweet tummy.
Look at those perfectly flush cheeks and lips...
Winston is now crawling. and talking. and cooing. It's wonderful to watch and listen to him growing up and changing. Like, stupid wonderful. He doesn't really have a favorite toy these days, he will put any toy you put in front of him into his mouth...
 I take photos of him at least twice a week. These below were taken a just 2 weeks ago. Look at all of those expressions. He wanted to put his drooly wet hands on my camera. BAD.
 Winston REALLY LOVES me, his Dad and his Dad's guitar (Betty). HE whacks it, strums the strings and talks to her. He has been playing for 6 weeks. Dan and Winston "practice" a few times a week. It is all pretty impressive.
 I rearranged the living room in our townhouse last week and LOVE seeing Betty the guitar hanging prominently on the main wall. MOre than that, i love this photo of dan playing with Winston (and those spectacular striped pants). I will do a big blog post after Winston turns 7 months. Just wanted to post a few of the shots i love most these days.