more review... NC

I'm working on something NEW NEW NEW today - exciting, although I cannot spill the beans yet, and NO I am not pregnant... But, while figuring out who I am now as a photographer, AND a mother - as well as what kind of work I want to do in the future, I am still reviewing my past work. Here are some highlights of the last year in North Carolina.

So, one of my number 1 fave subjects to photograph are pets. DOGS. Dogs. DOGS. I love dogs, but I rarely do pet portrait photography, which is a shame, because I l.o.v.e it.

Do YOU have a pet you would like for me to photograph? Chicken, donkey, Dog? Just let me know. I might even run a special this summer. for the Dog Days of summer? And the whole session I can play that Florence and the Machine song in the background.

And what about Studio Work you ask???
 I used to do a good amount of Studio photography. The lights. A white or black backdrop. In North Carolina I rocked out a home studio, and in Oregon, I had a separate SUPER fabulous two story garage studio. Although it has been a while since I have done studio work, I really miss it - so one of the things changing with the business, is.... I am doing studio work again.
And THAT, my friends, excites me.
This is a photo from my VERY first baby client: Six and a half years ago. I still love this photo so much. No tricks. No crazy trendy props. Just a deliciously cute baby. Being a baby. There is a simplicity to this kind of work that I respect.
Hmmmm. what could this big announcement be???