4 months with machines.

Since October I've been a contract photographer/designer for a big/little company called Carolina Custom Products, located in the tiny tiny town of Union Grove, nc. They have machines that make parts for machines (big amazing machines).

Look at this well loved beauty.
This machine is called a handbrake - it bends metal. The fellow operating it doesn't talk much. 

Here are some of the parts (the "products"). The shapes and cut-outs are beautiful. I was NOT paid to take these photographs, but I just had to. These pieces of metal talked to me (going back and forth to the diet. mtn dew machine).
Even the scraps are beautiful. this reminds me of pencil shavings. just very sharp shavings.
pretty pretty left overs.

I WAS hired to design marketing materials to promote two new ventures for the company, Powder coating and Truck beds. I can now identify treadplate, a gooseneck, 7 pin RV connector, a headache, a wiring loom, and know the weight difference between the standard aluminum truck bed and all steel varieties (about 650 lbs).
The fella wiring the lights is Gary. He is a do-all kind of guy. He was incredibly helpful anytime I needed it. Shannon, they guy with the welding hat is in charge of the truck beds, and he is a hoot. He has great taste in music (classic rock).  The guy standing up is Toot. I think his real name is Robert. I can only imagine why they call him Toot. He drives a lot of forklifts and orders all the metal.

I'll post more photos of the stuff i was PAID to photograph later. I just had to put this out there.
Oh, and sorry it took me so long to get back to blogging. I needed a break. I'm ready again.