a few notes on design. past work examples.

I am in the process of applying for jobs - after 8 years of being a freelance designer/photographer/web developer. It will be interesting to see where I end up and what kind of work I will be doing. Gathering portfolio material is extremely hard when you rely on the internet - as none NONE of my old websites are available. No Glaxo, no VIF, no SII, no Gadgetspace. Even the waybackmachine.com archive doesn't have fully functioning sites.

So, folks are just going to have to trust that I can do the work. But with that, here are examples of the scope of work I can do.

A few years back I was in charge of art direction and the graphic design of Charlotte Baby and Child magazine. The editor/owner and I worked closely to create 3 issues of the 144 page magazine. It was incredibly fun and I loved the final pieces.

I was formally trained as a graphic designer. Back then we sketched and drew to create our designs. And I still do this today, like these logo sketches I created for the American Lung Association, Attack Asthma campaign. I had 6 pages of 24x36 sketches. 

The final logo is shown below, on the right.

Last spring, I was asked to create a logo for Glee and Bliss Photography. The company was originally named Gliss Art - but after the owner had to repeatedly explain that Gliss was a combination Glee and Bliss, I sketched the logo as Glee and Bliss and she loved separating the name. 
and the final logo, shown below, we both liked the sun/cloud combination - And, I still feel good about this logo. Especially that company tagline: Photographic Sunshine