Klecka Naturals website design

Edie Stuber hired me to redesign her website a few years ago. It was cluttered and her products weren't selling. Edie creates WONDERFULLY scented massage oils and body sprays. Here's screen grab of the newly designed site.
This is option 2. They picked this instead of the version that included everything they asked for, including specific colors and a different logo. THAT version was visually noisy. That is the PC term web developers use instead of ugly. I knew clean design was the correct choice.

I gathered the data on the most viewed pages, most common search terms, and order information. After so many years designing front ends, user testing, studying best case usability, interpreting their needs and how users would navigate their site proved easy and quick.

Unfortunately the site is not currently live, due to an exciting transition in company branding. It had cool interactivity and some quirky illustrations. The Klecka Naturals website was an incredibly rewarding redesign. I'd love to do that sort of work again.