a little before and after

Happy Friday!
This morning started super early for me - a recruiter requesting a few web design examples. I have a newfound respect for recruiters, they work hard. I am currently working with 4 and feel confident that one will find me the perfect web design (mostly user centered design with a key reporting component) position.

Over the years, I'm guessing I have designed 50ish websites (or web applications). And this site for start-up Gadgetspace is still among my favorites. Here is the AFTER design.

Written in HTML and CSS - I still love the cleanness of the primary and secondary navigation. And the logos at the bottom scrolled left (thanks to a nifty javascript).

This is the BEFORE website. Pretty different aesthetically, huh?

I loved working for GadgetSpace. They were purchased for Intellectual Property 7 months after I came on board, and kept me on to create the newly branded site. I am trying to find that now, through all of my backed up files. 13 years worth of data/files/images.